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St. Anthony & Minneapolis City Directory, 1859-1860

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St. Anthony: B

Batch, John, basket maker, house Brewery st.

Bates, George, laborer, house Elk st.

Bard, Andrew, laborer, house Spruce st.

Bark, John, works for St. Anthony Water Power Co.

Bank, Charles A, house cor 3d and St. Anthony sts.

Barber, George, laborer, house cor St. Peter and 2d sts.

Barber, Geo, clerk, house 2d st, bt St. Peter and St. Martin.

Bailey, Richard, lumberman, bds Duncan’s boarding house, Main st.

Bailey, Joseph, lumberman, bds Duncan’s boarding house.

Baker, George, lumberman, bds cor Linden and 4th sts.

Bakery, New England, Rollins st, W. H. Nudd proprietor.

Bakery, John Slenner, proprietor, Main st near old P. O.

Balch, Daniel S, house cor 3d and Cedar.

Bassett, J W, carriage maker, house on Stimpson and Eastman’s Addition.

Bassett, D N, watchman for St. Anthony Water Power Co.

Bachman, Aug, furniture dealer, Main st.

Baldwin, George P, merchant, bds cor 2d and Todd.

Baldwin, Daniel, dealer in real estate, house cor 2d & Todd.

Barnard, Thomas G, cabinet maker, h 6th between Spring and Spruce.

Barnard, John F, wood turner, bds 6th between Spring and Spruce.

Barnes, Levi H, plainer for S. W. Farnham.

Barnes, Wm R, lumberman, works for S. W. Farnham.

Barnes, Rev. S, house on Oak st bt Main and 2d.

Baptist Church, 2d st bt Spruce and Spring.

Babcock, John N, Banker, of S W Farnham & Co, house cor 3d and Spruce.

Babcock, Samuel, machinist, bds Farmers House.

Barton A B & Co, dry goods and fancy articles, Main st.

Bass, Wm, works for John Dudley.

Barningham, H, carpenter, house cor Main and Prairie.

Bean, James, merchant, store Main st, resides over store.

Berry, M T, surveyer of lumber, house Gebhard st.

Berry, J C.

Bela, Jacob, laborer, house on California st.

Beser, Reifer, laborer, house Elk st.

Bein, Lewis C.

Bemas, Holiston, chair maker.

Benson, Charles, basket maker.

Beng, James C.

Begme, John, laborer, house Upper Town.

Beuschillin, A. teamster, house Bridge st.

Beamister, George, laborer, house near levee.

Belknap, Joseph, blacksmith, house Brewry st.

Belknap, Julius, stone cutter, bds Duane st.

Bell, J E, lumberman, bds at Mrs. Fales’, Cedar st.

Bennenk, Henry, grocer, house Main st between St. Peter and St. Martin.

Benjamin, David, lumberman, bds Ivory’s boarding house.

Bernard, Nertich, proprietor Mississippi House, Marshall st, Main st.

Blackman, Lewis, carpenter.

Blakeman & Greenleaf, dealers in watches, clocks and silverware, Main st, end Suspension bridge.

Blair, William, lumberman, bds Wm. Lelend’s.

Blanchard, Amos F, painter, bds cor 3d and Maple.

Blondo, Simeon, lumberman, h St Martin st.

Bollier, G F, boot and shoe maker, Main, ab S’p’n bridge.

Bollman, Wm, laborer, Orth’s steam mill.

Bolton, F M, mill wright, bds cor Linden and 4th sts.

Bonfory, Anson, works for B Parker, 3d between Spring and Spruce.

Booth, G D, bds Winslow House.

Bostwick L, Justice of Peace, office cor of Main and Oak, h cor Main and 2d sts.

Boutillier, C W Le, physician, Holmes’ Buildings, cor Main and Todd.

Bowler, James M, printer, News Office, bds cor 4th & Pine.

Bowman, William, broker.

Bowman, Charles, basket maker, house Upper Town.

Boyd, George, harness maker for J. H. Noble, Main st.

Boyle, Patrick, stone cutter, h near Cheever’s Tower.

Brockway, E S, painter, h Pine bt 3d and 5th.

Brockway, John G, h 5th near University.

Brockway, James W, h 5th st near University.

Brown, Timothy, laborer, h Grove.

Brown & Robinson, blacksmiths, Main ab Suspen’n bridge.

Brown, James, of Brown & Robinson, h cor Duane & 2d.

Brown, Chalres, bds cor Duane and 2d.

Brown, Baldwin, bds cor Duane and 2d.

Brown, William, lumber dealer, h cor Bay and 2d.

Brown, R F, tinner, bds with M. Morrison.

Brown, Frank, bds with Dr J H Murphy cor 3d and Maple.

Brown, E S, agent for Frank Steele, h cor 4th bt Spruce and Maple.

Brown, Edgar, clerk for G S Pomeroy, Stanchfield’s block, Main st.

Brown, E S, mill wright for St Anthony Water Power Co.

Broad’s Edge Tool Manufactory, Hennepin Island.

Broad, E, manufacturer of edge tools, h cor 5th and Spring.

Brooks, Rev. Cyrus, pastor M. E. church, h 3d bt Pine and Mill.

Brooks, Hobart, lumberman, works for S W Farnham.

Brooks, Henry, bds Farmers Home.

Brook, Adam, stone cutter,

Brooks, John, laborer, bds Farmers House.

Brook, Hubbard, mill man, house 3d st near University.

Broughton, Octavius, mill-wright, h Cedar bt 5th and 6th.

Bradbury, A L, teamster, h 3d near Cheever’s Tower.

Bray & Haskell, groceries & provision, Main opp S. bridge.

Bray, Geroge W, of Bray & Haskell, h 8th st.

Bradford, Otis, h cor 3d and Pine.

Bradford, Julius, bds cor 3d and Pine.

Bradford, Alexander, clerk, bds cor 3d and Pine.

Bradford, W G, book keeper for St Anthony Water Power Company, bds Winslow House.

Bradley, Andrew, laborer, h cor Duane and 2d.

Brewer, James M, treasurer of Congregational building fund, house 3d between Cedar and Spring.

Brawley, W F, h cor St. Paul and 2d sts.

Brewer, Lewis, carpenter and joiner, house 3d street, near Cheever’s Tower.

Brick, Adam, laborer, house Lake st.

Brumer, A, laborer, bds California st.

Buskil, Michael, laborer, bds John Webber’s house, Upper Town.

Buckley, Michael, laborer, h Water st.

Burse, Simeon, agent Minnesota Stage Company, bds St Charles Hotel.

Bunker, N E, lumber dealer, yard Rollins st.

Buker, Levi, blacksmith, h 5th bt Bay and Linden.

Burnett, H E. carpenter and joiner, house 7th st.

Bushnell, James H, harness maker, house Minnesota st.

Bushman, Peter, laborer, bds Farmer’s Home, 3d st.

Busherway, Peter, mill man for St. Anthony Falls Water Power Company.


Minneapolis: B

Babbitt, W D, real estate dealer, h cor 10th and Russell.

Babcock, L A.

Baden, Wm, gardener.

Badger,Wm, carpenter and joiner, house 8th, between Oak and Westminster.

Balch & Kittredge, groceries and provisions, Hennepin Avenue, near Suspension Bridge.

Balch, F S, of B. & Kittredge, bds Water st, near Helen.

Baldwin, R J, banker’s office, in Cataract House.

Balcomb, Isaac B, carpenter and joiner, h Lower Town.

Bakery, Minneapolis, Bridge st, between 1st and Water sts.

Baker, M C, real estate dealer, Helen st, bt 1st and 2d.

Baker, John W, lumberman, bds Helen st.

Barber, Charles S, harness maker, bds Helen st.

Barber, D R, real estate and money dealer, house corner 4th and Helen st.

Bardwell, Andrw, raftman, house Lower Town.

Bassett, D, broker and exchange dealer, house cor Harrison avenue and 1st sts.

Bassett, Joel B, of Pomery, Bates & Co., house corner Front and Nebraska sts.

Bassett, Frederick, house----.

Bascom, G, dry goods, house corner 4th and Rice.

Bates, E N, attorney and counsellor at law, office with E S Jones, house cor Nicollet avenue and 7th st.

Bansman, A L, dentist, office Helen st.

Baptist Church, First, 3d street and Hennepin Avenue.

Baptist Church, Freewill, corner Washington Avenue and Utah street.

Bayland, Michael, laborer, bds North Minneapolis House.

Bean, Mrs, house 3d street.

Bebee, F, attorney and counsellor at law, office 1st st, house near Hennepin Avenue.

Bedee & Mendenhall, bankers, banking house 1st st, near Hennepin Avenue.

Bedee, c, of Bedee & Mendenhall, house 1st st.

Bedee & Co, hardware dealers, 1st st, op Falls City Bank.

Bademan, S, stone cutter, house County Road.

Beman, H D, attorney at law, office Snyder & McFarlane’s Block, house 3d near Cataract House.

Bell & Wilson, bankers and real estate dealers, office in Nicollet House.

Bell, A J of Bell & Wilson, h cor Orange and 5th sts.

Bell, J E, & Co, proprietors of “Regulator,” Hennepin Av.

Baker, B F, house cor Helen and California sts.

Bell, J E, of J. E. Bell & Co, h cor 3d and Utah sts.

Bell, D C, clerk for Bell & Co, boards cor 3d and Utah streets.

Bell, J F, brick maker, house Lower Town.

Bartholomew, James A, stone cutter.

Beza (Veazie], A M, bds Wilber House.

Beikman, William, laborer, house Lower Town.

Benjamin, Tudor, lumberman, house Lower Town.

Bertram, George, carpenter and joiner, house corner Pearl and 6th sts.

Birge, H L, clerk, house corner Rice and 3d.

Bigelow, Jerome S, house California, between Washington Avenue and 3d sts.

Bigelow, A S, blacksmith, house 8th between Orange and California sts.

Bigelow, E S, carpenter and joiner.

Bishop, J, of Hancock & Co., 1st st.

Bickford, E, wood turner, bds at Eaton’s Boarding House, Washington Avenue.

Bickford, Wm A, house cor 2d and Itasca sts.

Bideman, S, mason, house Murphy’s Addition.

Black, John I, dry goods and fancy articles, Hennepin Avenue, bds Nicollet House.

Black, T N, clerk for John I. Black, boards at Getchell’s Restaurant.

Blacks, Emporium, Hennepin Avenue, bt 1st and 2d sts.

Bair, A M, attorney at law, house 8th, between Oak and Westminster sts.

Blaisdell, J G, teamster, house Helen st.

Blake, C, blacksmith, house cor Washington Avenue and Orange st.

Blake, E F, laborer.

Bofferding, N, brewer, house Upper Town,

Boobar, J H, cor Hennepin Avenue and Fremont st.

Boone, C W, architect and builder, cor Utah and 3d sts.

Bostwick, Edward, stone cutter, house 8th st.

Bowen, Samuel M, mill-man, bds Helen st.

Bowman, J R, carpenter and joiner, house corner Washington street.

Bowron, J, daguerreian artist, gallery corner Helen st and Washington Avenue.

Boyden, Mrs, house 6th st, Murphy’s Addition.

Bradford & Garland, dry goods and grocieries, cor Hennepin Avenue and 1st st.

Bradford, A, of Bradford & Garland, house Upper Town, near Bassett’s Creek.

Bradford, James, book keeper for Bradford & Garland, bds Amos Clark’s, Nicollet Avenue

Bradley, J F, real estate dealer, house California, between Washington Avenue and 3d st.

Brackett, G A, proprietor of “Brackett’s Market,” 1st st, near Suspension Bridge.

Brackett, A, butcher, house-------.

Brackett, Mrs. M, widow, house 4th between Orange and California st.

Branch, Samuel, carpenter and joiner, bds Upper Town.

Brewster, Edward.

Brown, E A, h cor Washington Avenue and Smith st.

Brown, G A, blacksmith, house Minnetonka st.

Brown, Isaac, real estate dealer, house 6th between Helen and Orange sts.

Brigham, O A, clerk Nicollet House.

Brokman, William.

Brooks, James A, lumberman, bds Lower Town.

Bross, Lemuel J, lumberman, house near Lower Levee.

Bryant, A, Druggist, Washington Avenue, nr Woodman’s Block.

Bryant, R R, merchant, house E Murphy’s Addition, Lower Town.

Brewery, Minneapolis, North Minneapolis.

Brick, Joseph, beer saloon, 1st between Hennepin and Utah streets.

Briggs, T R, teamster, house Washington Avenue.

Buddleman, Samuel, stone cutter.

Buemendoff, Wm, gardener for Dr. A. E. Ames.

Bull, B S, drayman, house cor 1st and Itasca sts.

Bugbee, R, laborer, bds 6th street.

Bulger, James, laborer, house cor Nicollet and 3d sts.

Bugbee, Simeon, brick-layer, bds Walcott st.

Bushnell House, 4th, bt Russell and Cataract sts.

Bushnell, C, proprietor of Bushnell House.

Bushnell, Thomas, laborer.

Bushinglaw, Hiram, house Lower Town, nr Court House.

Butler & Middleton, dry goods, Washington Avenue, near Post Office.

Butler, L, of Butler & Middleton, bds Nicollet House.

Butler, James, mechanic, bds Michael Ryan’s

Butler, H C, blacksmith, house Washington Avenue.

Button, E, carpenter and cistern builder, bds Lord’s.

Buttrick, L, house 3d st.



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