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St. Anthony & Minneapolis City Directory, 1859-1860

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St. Anthony: A

Abel, Powell, stone cutter, house Marshall st.

Abel, Paul, stone cutter, bds Weber’s boarding house, Main st.

Abbott, Charles E, machinist, bds with Upton, near Spruce.

Adams, Timothy, carpenter & joiner, bds California st, near Turner’s Hall.

Affolter, Joseph, tailor, house Marshall st.

Ago, Thomas H, lumberman, house Upper Town near levee.

Alexander, Simeon, stone cutter, bds Mississippi House, Marshall st.

Alexander, Geo H, teamster, bds 5th bt Cedar and Pine.

Adlen, R S, architect, house 5th st, near University.

Alden, John, shingle weaver, bds cor 4th and Mill sts.

Alden, J A, works for SW Farnham, bds at Mrs. Fales’ boarding house, Cedar st.

Allan, William C, printer, News Office, bds cor 4th & Pine.

Allen, William N, lumberman, house 8th st, near jail.

Allen, William Q, clerk St. Charles Hotel.

Allen, James, clerk, bds Main st.

Allen, Washington, lumberman, house Lower Town, near Cheever's Tower.

Allen, G W, lumberman, works for St. Anthony Water Power Company.

Allen, Winslow, laborer for McKenzie.

Allison, Lemuel, machinist, house Moose st.

Alfort, Noflet, carpenter, and joiner, house Main st, between Spring and Maple Sts.

Alvin, Nicholas, laborer, bds Farmers House, 3d st.

Ames, William M, lumberman.

Amos, Charles Prescott, lumberman.

Andee, Agustus.

Anderson, G H, bds cor 5th and Willow sts.

Anderson, W S, basket maker, house California st.

Andison, John, bds with David Edwards.

Andricks, Henry, laborer, bds Main st.

Anderson, Samuel, laborer, bds Dacota st.

Armstrong, John, City Marshal, bds cor Bay and 2nd sts.

Armstrong, William, barber, Rollins st.

Armstrong, Joseph, carpenter and joiner, bds cor 5th and Spruce sts.

Armstrong, Solon, attorney and Justice of Peace, office over old Post Office, bds cor 5th and Spruce sts.

Armstrong, H W, lumberman.

Armstrong, Robert, lumberman.

Arnold, Charles W, harness maker.

Arnold, W H, carpenter and joiner, bds 8th st, near jail.

Arbor, James, raftsman.

Armbruster, Thomas, shingle weaver, bds 3d st, near University.

Atwater, C I, printer in St. Anthony Express Office.

Ayers, Alexander, mill man, bds at Mrs. Fales’ boarding house Cedar st, between Main and 2d st.


Minneapolis: A

Abbot, A, painter, house Helen st bt 6th and 7th sts.

Abraham, J P, house Hennepin Avenue, cor Welles st.

Ackly, Elijah, carpenter, house cor Austin and Cass sts.

Adams, G R, upholsterer, house 1st near Utah st.

Addley M W, laborer, house Upper Town.

Aldrich, Cyrus, insurance agent, office Washington avenue near Helen st, House cor 5th and Russell sts.

Aldrich, C B.

Ains, N C, laborer, bds North Minneapolis House.

Allan, N C.

Allen, Alfred, house Fort Road.

Allicot, William, laborer.

Ames, A A, student with Dr. A. E. Ames.

Ames, E B, student with Dr. A. E. Ames.

Ames, A E, physician, office and residence nr Court House.

Ames, E B, banker, house cor Washington ave and Smith st.

Ames, J R, merchant, house cor of Pearl and 7th sts.

American House, cor 1st and Utah, James Jones, prop’r.

Anderson, J M, house cor 5th and Pearl sts.

Anderson, C L, physician and druggist, cor Helen and 2nd.

Anderson, D M, merchant, h 1st between Hennepin and Minnetonka st, S 1st st.

Andrews, John, clerk in Post Office.

Ankney, W P, Post Master, bds Nicollet House.

Arnell, A F, painter, h 6th between Helen and Orange.

Atchley, John, mill-wright, bds Wilber House.

Atchley, Albert, speculator.

Atwater, Isaac, Associate Judge of the Supreme Court, h Lower Minneapolis, Office Tremont House St. Anthony.

Austin, E W, Dep. Reg. Of Deeds, h cor 4th and Cedar.

Austin, Elijah, h North Minneapolis.

Austin, William, laborer.

Austin, Edward, poster, Nicollet House.

Avery, Amos, bds Cataract House.



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